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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Betaistan — How Hinduism Feminized Indian Men

In the information age we only hear about how patriarchy is a massive social problem. Amplified by the power of the internet in the form of "outrage". Step on a woman's toe in a crowded public bus in Mumbai and the next moment the bitch is on Facebook telling everyone how the "evil patriarchy" won't even let her get to her paper shuffling HR "career" in peace. Never mind the fact that BEST buses now have upto 8 adult seats reserved for these cunts, who never miss a chance to have a seat, just tap the old man's (her father's age) shoulder and point to the saaree clad (outrageous?) graphic on the side of the seat with her index finger. Then Facebook: "Empowerment:1 | Patriarchy:0."

This post is an attempt to explain India's lack of individual freedoms, a precursor to others like economic freedom in terms of gender dynamics which shaped the psychologies of it's men and by extension it's culture.

Let's begin with the diet, India has always been blessed with abundant farming land which I now think was also a sort of curse. The farming land very soon created a society based on grain consumption and animal husbandry which rightly evolved into other vegetarian values, because killing the very animals who were so productive in the field and otherwise would not have served the people well. The Hindu religion created this system of values—which is what religions do, they cement the beneficial behaviors of society by claiming some superior authority to them as per the times.

We even see the after effects till today, a PM elected to reform the economy and break India free of socialism got busy banning cow meat thus minimizing the already scarce individual freedom.

These Hindu behaviors and values then spread to other sects and tribes eventually. In Maharashtra and probably other states, there are up to 3 days a week when the Marathis are not to eat meat.

Vegetarian diets have been linked to a decrease in testosterone, an important male hormone responsible for masculine behaviors like emotional resilience, aggression, physical strength, body fat handling etc. This probably had an adverse effect on the cognitive capabilities as well. Slower brain development is a fact of protein deficient diets. The IQ of the Indian public is said to be around 83 on average, which is extremely low and probably explains a lot of irrational behavior Indians exhibit on an whole.

As already discussed before on Men building civilizations, societies only grow when it's Men push the boundaries to find answers and gain power, the Indian males simply couldn't do a good job at this, given their lack of aggression (because of the veg diet and the resulting Hindu value system) men have always called upon to push the boundaries of economic, political, intellectual and military thought.

All curiosity and intellectualism vanished as well.  For e.g. The sea which could have been a great mystery to be figured out and conquered became a god never to be "walked upon". Questioning one's own elders, even the village elders, the king became a big taboo, a blind respect to the authority became the norm. No wonder then that the country never escaped grinding poverty. Intellectual capital was never allowed to accumulate in such an environment of obedience.

Eventually even mothers took on the roles of an authoritative figure — even today it's a common sight to see adult men (mostly Hindu males) scared to marry against their mother's choice, much to the chagrin of their empowered partners who write to equally empowered agony aunts. This earned the Indian male the title of "mama's boys" internationally.

Masculinity was eventually brought down to a level of "service to society". A Man's biggest responsibility became to immediately get married upon coming of age and start a family to add more slaves to the system. This too is a common sight today. The number of Hindu men ruined by the weight of a family at 25 is almost tragic, of course in pop culture it is comical. Most choices of career, life partner and even their residence post marriage is already decided by the parental units. Some even dutifully handover the salaries to their fathers every month.

Easy to understand why men of such dispensation were not able to withstand or defend their societies to repeated foreign conquests. In fact as Will Durant notes, they rationalized it away as problems of another dimension.

The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they had adopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India’s boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in. For four hundred years (600-1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came. This is the secret of the political history of modern India. Weakened by division, it succumbed to invaders; impoverished by invaders, it lost all power of resistance, and took refuge in supernatural consolations; it argued that both mastery and slavery were superficial delusions, and concluded that freedom of the body or the nation was hardly worth defending in so brief a life. The bitter lesson that may be drawn from this tragedy is that eternal vigilance is the price of civilization. A nation must love peace, but keep its powder dry.”

Also easy to explain why Indian society never figured out or tasted the spirit of individualism. Or of freedom for that matter. No man dared to declare himself an end unto himself but defined himself as a means for society to be used as it pleases.

Generations of such poor diet choices mostly dominated by rice and dairy led to values and genetic changes, Indian men are extremely prone to fat gain and respond very poorly to muscle building programs.

But the biggest price was paid in terms of freedom, our male ancestors never questioned the conventional wisdom of the day, critical thinking and rational thought was suppressed to keep the powers happy, in fact rational thought till today has not entered the Indian psyche. Such a people only feel safe among "their own", this tribal affiliation is visible in how people vote even today.

In other words the diet and the resulting value system led to the feminization of men. As we see today, women around the world are more prone to be left leaning liberals and vote for leftist policies as against the policies which promote free markets, because a free market system requires a level of aggression and individualism which is a distinctly male characteristic unless it's driven out of them by cultural values and reinforced by vegan diets. Women in Sweden for e.g. are increasingly putting their entire societies in danger by embracing leftist values.

Something similar has been happening India all along for thousands of years. The feminization of men due to factors as discussed above created and environment in which only left leaning political ideologies took root, then in terms of kings and today in terms of modern democracies.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Swarajyamag Deletes Comment — The Mouthpiece of A Police State

The following is my comment posted under the article What DeMo And GST Would Lead To In 2019.

The comment has been deleted with no warnings whatsoever, below is a copy.

The whole issue with modi and his swarajya-rag's thinking was summed up really nice by in one of his demo posts;

In the worldview of the Middle Class and the government what matters is tax collection. What happens to 94% of the people of India — a rather wretched group — is immaterial.

In modi's view the state is supreme and the citizen only exists to pay taxes.

But this model can make the middle class happy for little while, happy in leftist wisdom of everyone paying one's "fair share".

The list of things to break their bubble is too big :

  • Most of the corruption in interacting with the state won't go away.
  • The "online sarkar" is turning into what i called "digital harassment", try filling up a form for police certificate or an CET exam if you don't believe me. Watch news for the Mumbai university online paper correction F ups! Results have been delayed for 2 months now.
  •  Laws and rules like drinking upto 25, prohibition in many states will continue to harrass people to no end!
  • Education from the primary to the engineering levels is a joke, primary kids can't write their own names, engineering students can't write a line of code (and names too in some states like bihar and UP)
  • What the hell is anti-profiteering law within the GST?! The govt officially says profit is a bad thing, no one in bjp reads hindu stuff like "shubh laab". They have gone after stents and now today's TOI says next is knee caps, because they make 450% profits! LOL!

The first PM also thought "profit is a dirty word"! WOW, modi has come a loooong way. And while we thought of him as lee kuan yew's "you make profit a dirty word and Singapore dies!!"

Moving on, the writer throws a bone to the middle class with:
One, invest the surplus in further accelerating economic growth by spending on infrastructure — good economics, good politics.
Unlikely, go watch YouTube news clips on Mumbai roads (BJP has 80 seats in the BMC and still complaints about Shiv Sena's 82!) or just wait, you'll get something on whatsapp!

Rather modi will definitely go with:

And three, fritter it away on entitlements like introducing the universal basic income — good politics, bad economics
hint hint - farmer loan waivers

AND THAT WAS WHAT DEMO WAS ALL ABOUT, FOR CHRIST SAKE!!! — Destroying the opposition cash reserves in UP!

And all this while the middle class has access to YouTube and Facebook, where they are teased with videos like these about driving on Dubai's world-class roads (jump to 5:30).

And the NRIs will do a damn good job of rubbing it. Funny enough, one can eat pork in Dubai but can't get a good beef roll in India now. hehe.

At the same time GOD EMPEROR TRUMP wants the best and brightest to come to US! More beef barbecue.

And it's the best and brightest Hindus who will leave too, if you have any doubts!

While Indian govt tries to hold doctors back "for the welfare of the country". Somebody in the govt took the stupid movie swades too seriously, be assured people will not put up with this.

Modi has taken his pro-individual rights supporters for a huge huge ride, I'm one of them, he lied to our faces.

Swarajya-rag should have criticized for these mind numbing mistakes of the govt as a vanguard of true right wing politics in India and maintained some allegiance to right wing individual rights principles or just change "read India right" to "modi does right".

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

An Indian's Guide to Empathy

It seems everything I think and gravitate towards has something to do with my country of birth, India.

I have never thought of myself has a "die for your country" patriot, in fact I believe death in all it's forms is so boring and hope that like Kurzweil reports, immortality would be soon be available, I'd even settle for anti-aging.

The feeling or the emotion I keep grappling with I think can be termed as "worry". I worry about this nation, it's fortunes and growth and so on.

To get more specific I worry about the bad roads in Mumbai which do not seem to be getting better ever since my mom walked me to my school and back, in "junior KG". That was around 1994-95. In fact I remember once in when I got to "6th standard", the "service road" right outside my building area was rebuilt with dark black tar and was rolled over to perfection. That fucking filled me with so much pride! I said to myself "fuck yes, India is marching ahead..ignore all those snobby UAE uncle aunties". I didn't really know "fuck" then, but the emotion was close.

Of course that road was "washed away" (as all elders around would put it) with the monsoon. Just like the road outside my building right now which was perfectly rolled with tar a week prior to the BMC election 2017. Now come monsoon, it's simply gone! Craters are literally the size of the ones on moon now. In fact most people now take this moon analogy to be a joke, it's fucking not! The holes really are that big, a rough circle like crater with roughed up edges, with a 3ft radius lies in the middle of road right outside the barber's where I used to get my haircut in the school years.

That was how I care about the roads for some reason, the same goes for the garbage and the filth, the BEST bus, the local trains, schools, kids and people on the road under the andheri flyover, somewhere around the Maruti "sai service" showroom.

A different emotion underlines all of these worries, it's misery. But I have never really been miserable directly because of this, being in the middle class and all that. Never directly affected. So I am not the "die for my nation" patriot, nor directly affected by it's wretched poverty (jayant's style) but just a good ol' homo sapien who is a 100% non sociopath. I have empathy.

This is a good time to mention how I have never quite taken to the standard displays of patriotism in this country. Never bought into the "cricket is a religion" BS, heck, it's a fucking boring game to me — it's not even a team sport! The whole thing rests on the "best" batting guy, and then the bowling guy when he fails. There is no build up, no teamwork in which every player plays a part to get the ball to the rival's goal post. And even then a LOT depends on the right pass, before a score and the entire stadium goes fucking wild! Sheer brilliance, few things can make you as happy as scoring in football.

One explanation for football never catching up here is probably the calorie deficiency! There's already stories about our players not having shoes for the FIFA WorldCup, probably a hoax, but understandable why such an hoax would come into existence. When 50% populations lives on the $2 per day while the 20% of the rest makes $3 per day and then the next 10% probably stuck at $5 (funny how they just leave it "50% less than $2/day" as if expecting it to slide by you the fact that the rest 50% isn't doing all that fucking well either!) it's pretty hard to get excited about running all day after a ball. And of course, we do not have the space, nor can most of us afford a nice pair of shoes.

And since "possession is nine tenths of the law", once cricket got into the psyche, it's stayed there. Hence a lazy boring game like it even today deprives most Indians of the joy of scoring a goal.

A next favorite is the army. I remember thinking since my early days — "there hasn't been a war in years, just what the heck are all those army guys doing?!". I have a pretty good idea of it now, and a lot more empathy for those dudes too. Lack of bullets, jackets, food, pension, the insulting 1lac bucks to their families when they die doing the army stuff. While I understand the importance of the army and it's role, I don't think it's something worthy of being proud of! I would feel much more pride if Mumbai figures out building roads like they should be in the 21st century!

Taking pride in your ability to kill never made much sense to me given how obvious it was that getting along and working together works out so well. Yes I understand the concept of justice, and how Tolstoy said "you don't want war but war wants you" then someone in china said "in peace prepare for war". All good. Point taken.

That simply puts the army into the "necessary evil" category right alongside the concept of government. Do you feel pride for the Indian government too?(email me if yes)

Too bad we've for ages assigned that to money. One of the reasons why India is in this state now. We will get to that later.

Moving on.

Everything I gravitate towards, somehow has the country in the center of it. At times this insanity calms down but then it comes right back.

Blogs like sabhlokcity and deeshaa, explain the origins of Indian's problem and possible solutions. Books like breaking free of Nehru and transforming India did the same.

Frankly, I just read them to understand why the roads suck so much. I got that and a lot more.

After few years I discovered podcasts, I then read all of Ayn rand's work just because two American guys kept talking about it, with bouts of "fuck the president" every few episodes. That got to me. From google street view I understood a long time back America has amazing roads, and still these guys seem to hate the government, not the politicians but the government! Very interesting.

By the time I was done with Atlas Shrugged, I hated the government too, never mind the politicians.

Once again at the core of the curiosity about Atlas Shrugged, America, and "fuck the president" was a desire to better understand what is it happening with India. 

And since we've already covered I'm not "die for country" type, I'm now sure most of the wind behind by sail of curiosity about India was good ol' Empathy.

To be continued..or not.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Trial post by error

For the past 30 mins i am sturggling with this blog setup

and i have not made a single pos

Friday, 7 July 2017

Relationship Goals

This is from a meme on fb or twitter or whatsapp etc. The meme generally has drop dead gorgeous heterogenous people—obviously dating, sometimes they add a baby into the mix and the whole thing will just blow your fucking heart out.

I mean only if you can look 28, have a six pack, a giant house in which there’s a giant bed i which your significant other (SO) is with or without the 1yr old, and you can still tell your SO’s boobs from her belly fat, well who wouldn’t fucking want that!

The only believable part in the whole meme is the cuteness of the 1yr old.

Now being 26 I am at the age where I having left behind by third world birth place I soon would be able to finally own a house, a huge bed and all that. It is the rest of the meme I am so worried about.

For e.g. the 1yr old protesting against the 1% at the age of 20 is a real nightmare even now when I am just 6+ the 20. How will I cope with it when it indeed happens.

And let’s talk about the vending machine which will bring the little rat into the world. It seems my focus on finding the highly educated of the breed won’t get me far anyway (always read reddit comments and not just the post). They just remain vapid, which just means even higher chances of the 20 yr old following karan johar on her Iphone while being anti-capitalist.

But at the same time the relationship goals meme conveys a message that the two beautiful people have been together since ever and love mastubate to nothing but only one another, how do you deal with that?

I in no certain terms want to let go of a chance to “drill a teen” as pornhub puts it just because I have a certain someone back at home, but of course I am not far enough on the left to actually consent her to an open marriage, which translates to “i’ve fucked 100s while he’s just fucked 2-3”, no no I’m too aware of “you can’t out slut a slut”.

So this leaves me with the only option which has always been the only option for anyone in my situation. That you arrange a different woman for each of your different goals.

There’s nothing to say that you must just have a single “relationship goal” once you are 25 and have read most of the list (excuse me if the list doesn’t exist yet). Your goal with a nerdy one might as well be to have a 1yr old who she will read Ayn Rand to and Indira Gandhi has the basis of a “strong woman”, while on the side your goal with a different one might be to slap her and shove something into her mouth, which she pretends to hate but actually loves.

And since you have already covered the two extemes of slapping a dick into one’s mouth and having the other read Ayn Rand, there’s lot of room in between where you just visit someone after work and work some more on her.

By now this article is sexist, misogynist, immoral, amoral and worth firing the dude if it’s ever found out who is the mastermind behind it, but at the same time it’s just a scared little boy looking out for himself, I hope you understand that part. A scared little boy who’s not had much success shoving pipe like things into female mouths now just just betting on his new found ability ($X a month) to do so while at the same time trying to meet the family goals of the shy boy.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

India Needs a New Patriotism

Patriotism needs to be downsized from its current size. It’s damn too big to be defined and even bigger and harder to put into practice. It expects you to love a country a million sq miles wide while the feeling and emotions of patriotism are probably coming from your local expereience of smoking pot at the beach in the night.

Because that’s the extent to which most people ever go. Most people won’t be traveling the length and breadth of their country, and the ones who do, probably do it to brag about it to others and mostly to themseleves. Not to fucking feel patriotic and understand the pains and joys of a billion people. For that you read.

Think about it. For most people in Mumbai, there is simply no subjective experience to feel love and oneness with someone from Chennai or Bengal. Other than the fact that we all are humans there is nothing else binding us together.

And if the common humanity is a good enough reason to be patriotic then why stop it just at the borders of India and not stretch it to all the nations of the world. A global patriot.

Nothin in the life of someone born and lived in Mumbai has any direct comparisons with someone from most other states. And the only common ground Mumbai people will share with most other cities in India is the western culture of partying, movies, hollywood etc. Nothing about that component is truly Indian at the core.

And when we take into consideration the not so urban areas in India, the situation just breaks down. Abject poverty and sharia level cultural restrictions are the norm. It’s probably more easier for the desperately poor people in india to feel some common ground for patriotism in their suffering than for the well to do. Because the cultural norms further only vary when you think about how the middle class to the rich spend their time. A millionaire gujarati won’t drink, smoke, eat non-veg nor be into casual sex while a middle class muslim guy does it. And ten other combinations are possible when you add in the marathis, tamil, punjabis and so on.

Just nothing which binds everyone together.

If you were to think about America here. The entire country speaks just the english language. Most of them do the same form of partying in their teens, most drink, smoke, eat chicken and fuck a lot of people casually. Everyone has the same options with the movies, music, books and the TV as they all speak only english, simply no market for a multi-lingual entertainment industry—india has hundreds. Why do we need to look at the skin color? Everything most Americans do all their lives is the same thing, same experiences at different age ranges of their lives. Their local level experiences are the same throughout the land. Quite easy to be patriotic.

And we are acting like we are a one united country of shared values and whatnot but we do not even have the same shared values with our next door neighbours who are vegetarian. Then we try to sell the myth of cricket and bollywood uniting us—a sport and a film industry which makes movies most in the language most of the country doesn’t fucking speak. Not happening.

Then we try to forge unity in the name of the “freedom struggle”. The irony being we would have not been a country if the british had not invaded us and brought together all the bikering nation states. India probably would have been a islamic nation had the british never come in, the mughal rule was strong in that period. And coming back to the freedom struggle—always painted as a movement all indians were a part of—in reality only one man, gandhi brainwashed people into his christian wisdom of turning the other cheek.

We did not fight at all. There was no organization which created a strong anti-british army, we did not give our blood to wrest back the nation from the oppressors at all. All we did is get beaten up with sticks by fellow indians working for the british. All while not fighting back.

All of our common ideals and values and history which is supposed to make us feel united as a country is nothing but propaganda propped by a state controlled education system. No wonder that by the time we’re adults no one really has even and inch of patriotism left in them.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Cheating Woman

Guys have a weird way of dealing with infidelity. They act like they are the supreme court, trying to figure out every bit and piece in the case and then reach a final verdict as if the entire nation’s future depends on their monogamous relationship working out.

When the woman is out they call her repeatedly to ask where, with who, for what. Now I see some of them even asking for the lady’s whatsapp location. Key loggers have always been around. I think the next stage would in this love survelliance program would be to install a firewall at home, enable SSL inspection and do a packet capture. Something I’d try myself for sure. Works for the learning too.

While I understand a guy watching out for his interests with such snooping, I’d at least recommend doing it covertly without the lady of the house knowing. Once the whole thing is out in the open to where you ASK her all those above questions, you might as well walk out than listen to a female hamster spin.

And while you are conducting the one man NSA program don’t forget to draw a line on how many times you want to put in the effort.

Having said this, do you even want to know? Most guys so miss that the fact that she’s done something to make him feel as if she is cheating is enough. End it. Show her the door. It doesn’t even matter if she’s actually tasted some other dude’s cock yet! The fact that set your instincts off like that is more than enough. But most guys insist on proof, might as well wait for the video to be up on pornhub for fuck’s sake.

But it’s understandable guys wanting to hold on to the fact that they are going to be proven wrong. Let’s fact it. As a man it’s fucking hard to get women. And depending on the tons of other factors unique to your circumstances—country, income, social circle, age. Things do not become easy.

It is because of this insecurity of “not finding someone else” or “as good as her” or “the best I can do” that most guys hide behind the charade of “finding proof” that their sweetheart bae is infact sucking some side dick. They want their suspicions to be false. They need them to be false.

So how much exactly is forgivable in this? What if she lies about meeting her mom and just meets her ex bf, but didn’t “do” anything? And you find out because your friend saw her with so and so. Acceptable?

I think most men today are confused about women on the whole. They are being braninwashed with feminism’s drum banging with platitudes like “women too can just have sex”. Nope, not at all the way men can.

This is not to argue that women do not like or enjoy sex, which is the spin most feminists try to put on a position like this so they can then beat it in argument. Age old straw man theory.

I want to take this from the position that the very fact that a woman would have sex with a guy, talking about the horny-fucking-like-rabbits-sex and not the lying deadfish-i-am-here-do-what-you-gotta-do-sex which they give to their arranged marriage husbands. The very fact that she wanted to fuck a guy that much is proof of the underlying love, emotions and respect she has for him.

This is very far from the pointless pussy men can indulge in. Simply look at the biomechanics here.

Women are not built for meaning-emotion-respect less fucking. The testosterone(T) is missing. An average male has 18 times more T than the most physically fit woman on the planet. The whole feminist meme that she just saw a guy, was turned on with the abs and fucked him. Simply does not stand.

In fact there’s an entire other meme which supports this. The meme that women always end up fucking a guy in the drunk state or in an emotional turmoil. Situations in which it’s easy to work her up to the fuck. Just makes her both bold and weak at the same time making her chase the physical gratification.

A sober woman cheating simply means that the guy she ended up fucking had a sense of humor, an emotional bond was formed and there was comfort. You can throw in the looks factor in there too.

But think about it, if looks played a major role than most women would be cheating all the fucking time—simply because of the high no. of hits even an average unfuckable fat monster woman gets every single day of her life. You bet a lot of those guys are the “good looking” type however you define good looks.

But that simply isn’t how it works. An emotional bond formed over a sense of humor and wit earns a woman’s respect, lot faster than simple toned abs and stronglift shoulders.

And a woman’s sincere heartfelt attraction always comes with respect. This sounds all old fashioned and outdated now because the left liberal feminist culture has turned the narrative very well. But evolution and biology are not turned that easy.

They can brainwash the minds of people using the establishment infrastructure—schools, universities, media, NGOs, governments but human instincts which evolved over millions of years, which has kept the race alive cannot be simply turned off. That explains their repeated failure to get men all hot and crazy for the fat whales and the cock carousel riding sluts—simply not going to happened.

Getting to conscious minds of the people is easy for the left. They have huge power with the estabishment infrastructure and hence are able to get to young minds right in the schooling years. And given how most parents especially mothers are just the by products of that establishment system, the kids grow up eating all the dogma of the left having never questioned it.

At the end you have grown women all shocked and surprised when they learn in their let’s get married years that most men don’t seem to dig promiscous women.

And men who are suprised that they were afterall not so okat letting their wife fuck someone else.

The survival instinct of which reproduction is an integral part rages through a man, while his liberal indoctrinated brain fights a losing battle to remain true to the feminist dogma “women are has horny as men”.

His million year old instincts to pass on his genes to live forever through them are firing away because they see that his only at that immortality—a child through his woman is in danger. Or might not be his. This he cannot take lightly. Not in 200 BC or in 2017.

While the philosophical debate of whether our childrean are really a way to immortality will always go on, man’s survival instinct simply does not know any better. Probably why sex is so much fun and people will go to great lengths for it.

Hence the woman cheating in a relationship or the sudden feminist cultural support for open marriages isn’t about women having high libidos—not in most cases but just a setup to convince the man to remain as a productive partner while she gets the sex she really wants from the men she really respects and to convince him that her lust for the extras is just a physical gratification with no real roots in her respect and admiration.